Crossmedia Group

Crossmedia Group creates, produces and distributes worldwide innovative products and strategies for multimedia immersive exhibitions inspired by the greatest names in Art. Since 2008, Crossmedia has been using the latest digital technologies to create unique experiences for the Italian and international audience.

Crossmedia’s Mission

Finding the newest way of expressing Art and culture through the latest technologies, as a form of cultural mediation.

In the Spring of 2022, Crossmedia Group is launching its new venture, the Arts for Future Festival, the first edition of the festival dedicated to the digital and crypto art world.

The Festival

From the 1 st to the 22 nd of May, the Arts for Future festival will turn the Cattedrale dell’Immagine, Crossmedia Group’s exhibition space in Florence, into the meeting and exchange point between not only the artists and the general public, but also between the sector professionals and the contemporary digital artists.

Under the artistic direction of Alex Braga, renown musician and producer, and Stefano Fake, artist and video designer, also known for creating the Fake Factory, the festival will involve world-renowned artists, who will animate the space with their works. The crypta of the Cattedrale, instead, will hold the works of some of the most world-renowned artists in the world of Crypto Art and NFTs, the phenomenon that in the last two years has blown away the international art world, opening up new borders for digital artists and collectors.

During the weekends, the Arts for Future festival will host a night-time live performance, executed by the same artists that will animate the festival throughout the day, together with musicians and live performers.

The festival will be enriched by panels that will be revolving around the most relevant topics of the digital arts debate: Immersive Art, Crypto Art and NFTs, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Humanism.