What is The Metaverse?

Once upon a time there was Second Life (2003) with its promise of being able to create a different identity in the digital world and thus live a parallel life. Today the Metaverse is the talk of the – virtual – town. This concept – first seen in Snow Crash, the novel by Neal Stephenson from 1992 – was recently relaunched by Facebook number one Mark Zuckerberg.

Escape, re-imagine, share. In the metaverse, the users live virtual experiences through 3D headsets: they can create realistic avatars, meet with other users, create objects or virtual properties, attend concerts and lectures, travel, visit exhibitions or buy art. The possibilities are endless.

The art world is among the firsts to experiment with the new fruition methods of the exhibiting spaces, both virtual and not, also following the strict rules imposed by the pandemic and the simultaneous explosion of the NFT phenomenon.

At the Arts for Future Festival, you will find panels and in-depth information on one of the topics that has attracted the most attention and global interest since the end of 2021.