Friday 13th May 3:30 pm

Ten years ago, we wondered if the Metaverse was going to be the future. Today we are more than certain, the revolution is coming. In 2022 the “dematerialization of the tangible” will open the virtual doors not only to business ventures, but to countless other possibilities.

Will the Metaverse change our socio-cultural ecosystem as well?


Federica Patti
Art historian, independent teacher and curator

Arianna Forte

Guglielmo Gori
Business Development, Monogrid

Moderatore: Andrea Colamedici
Philosopher and writer, TLON

Interview with John Gaeta follows
Designer and inventor best known for his work on the Matrix film trilogy, where he advanced methods and formats known as Bullet Time, Volumetric Cinematography and Universal Capture (UCAP). He is also known for exploring emergent and expressive new media platforms such as Photo Anime, NUI, HoloCinema and the Magicverse.

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