The Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) debate conceptually started at the end of the 50s, but it still is a lively matter of debate in parallel to its technological advancements.

The AI concept is linked to computer science, and it includes the study, methods and techniques that allow us to design hardware and software systems with features more similar to a human being’s rather than to a machine’s. Nowadays, the epic and practical debate on AI is still thriving, as most of its applications are already of common use.

Augmented Music

Augmented Music is an original trademark by Alex Braga, experimental musician and founder of the A-LIVE platform. His music is a complex stratification of atoms and sound universes, produced in real time by a composer thanks to the use of the A-Mint artificial intelligence, one of the most advanced neural networks in the audio-visual art world, created by Alex Braga and professors Riganti and Laudani from Università RomaTre.

A-Mint is the first AI in the world capable of decoding in real time the improvisation code of whatever musician is playing and improvising alongside it.

The Arts for Future Festival will host Alex Braga and Extraweg, who heavily rely on the use of artificial intelligence for their installations and performances. The panels will also provide and interesting in-depth discussion on its applications in the digital art world.