What Is Crypto Art?

A crypto art piece is a digital content, whose sale is registered through the blockchain technology. Blockchain is the digital list of records where all the platform transactions are registered. The exchanges and the transactions happen via crypto currencies (digital money), that can be converted from/into traditional currencies (dollars/euros) through specific platforms.

The crypto art market is facing an exponential growth phase, with a sale volume that in 2021 surpassed 3,5 billion dollars. A phenomenon that is due to the digital revolution and the growing use of crypto currencies and blockchain technologies worldwide.

What Is An Nft?

Thanks to the so-called NFTs (non-fungible tokens), digital artists are able to create and sell their artworks directly to their global collectors, relying on the release of digital certificates of authenticity and an immediate economic return. An historical momentous that cannot be ignored.

NFTs literally changed the life of many artists, both physical and digital. From sculptors, to photographers and 3D experts, nowadays content creators are free to share their art both on the web and in the Metaverse.

The Arts for Future Festival will host a gallery entirely dedicated to Crypto Art and NFTs, with artworks by selected artists and references to the events that in the last few years have revolutionised the world of this digital art form.