Quiet Ensemble

Creative studio working on audiovisual unexpected experiences. Immersive installations light-sound & interactive works, researching and focusing on the balance between nature and technology, as main tools for the creation.

Founded in 2009 by Fabio di Salvo and Bernardo Vercelli, Quiet Ensemble generates audiovisual performances and installations by capturing the essence of various objects and creatures ranging from goldfish to pineapples to clouds. The research of Quiet Ensemble goes through the observation of balance between chaos and control, nature and technology creating subjects that merge those elements that take form from the relation between organic and artificial subjects, focusing on insignificant and wonderful elements like the movement of a fly or the sound of trees. Celebrating the “invisible concerts” around us every day, Quiet Ensemble strives to reveal hidden or often overlooked aspects of the environment around us.



Sunday 1st May from 9 pm


From Moday 2 to Saturday 7

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Alex Braga

Alex Braga is an artist and a pioneer.

He is founder and CEO of A-LIVE, the first Italian interactive streaming platform, and creator, with engineers Laudani and Riganti, of the A-MINT artificial intelligence. In 2022 he composed the soundtrack for the immersive exhibition Inside Dalí, and in 2020 he published SPLEEN MACHINE, an album produced by Robert Lippok under the K7 record label.

Art director of the ARTS FOR FUTURE Festival, he is also the founder of the EVOLUTIONAL FESTIVAL, the first Italian audio-visual festival on Artificial Intelligence. He curated MakerMusic, the musical spin off of MakerFaire, the most important European fair on innovation.

Alex Braga and the artist EXTRAWEG collaborated on the creation of FORWARD: 3D visual performances.

Extraweg is the pseudonym of Oliver Latta – artist, director and human born in Kotten, Germany.

Based in Berlin, he created Extraweg, a platform for his artistic expression that exploded on Instagram and went viral. His work has been shared millions of times in social media and through this he has managed to collaborate with some of the biggest brands, bands and clients around the world including: The Beatles, Gorillaz, Bring Me The Horizon, Travis Scott, Skrillex, MSI, VOUGE, MTV, VALENTINO, etc.

His background in design and visual effects allows him to combine art and technology and brings unique and satisfying digital worlds to life, trying to focus on provoking sensations in the viewers, forcing them to think for themselves.

In 2022, Extraweg designed the main title sequence for Severance, Ben Stiller’s new drama series for Apple TV Plus. In the sequence, Mark, played by Adam Scott, leads a team of office drones who have had their memories of their personal lives severed from their work lives.



Saturday 7th May from 9 pm


From Saturday 8 to Saturday 14 

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Ali M. Demirel

Ali Mahmut Demirel, born in Turkey in 1972, is a Berlin-based artist. He studied nuclear engineering and architecture before pursuing art. Demirel started to make video and sound work in the early 90’s while he was a researcher at Middle East Technical University, Audio-Visual Systems Research Center. In the 2000’s, he focused his work on real-time computer-generated images and began to create interactive live audio-visual performances. He is known for his long-term collaboration with the electronic music producer Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman, particularly exploring abstract minimal imagery with synchronised sound. After this period, Demirel returned to video installation work and created a trilogy observing abandoned architectures. Those videos formed his solo show titled “ISLE” at Arter Istanbul in 2018. Recently he is working on a series that connects ecology, nature and myth, through an exploration of specific geographies where notable mythologies emerged.

Demirel will perform at the Arts for Future Festival with composer Anthony Linell.

Winter Ashes


Sunday 15th May from 9 pm


From Sunday 15 to Sunday 33

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METAEXPERIENCE.ART is a community of creators, artists, developers, writers, musicians, dancers, performers, and actors working at the planning and realisation of Italian art and culture contents. A workshop where all the Arts (Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Literature, Music, Dance, Theatre, Cinema) converge to experiment new experiential and multisensorial approaches for the Third Millennium audience. The immersive experiences by METAEXPERIENCE.ART can be experienced in the universe and in the metaverse.

Watch Out: Evolution of the Digital Art in the Internet Era


From Monday 2  to Sunday 22

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The Fake Factory

Award-winning studio specializing in videoart, videomapping, immersive experiences and new media art projects.

THE FAKE FACTORY created visuals and curated visual installations for public and private institutions in prestigious contexts worldwide.

Its founder, Stefano Fake, is currently one of the main Italian representatives of the new digital art form known as IMMERSIVE ART EXPERIENCE, and he created some of the most successful exhibitions in the world.

Immersive Mirror Room


From Monday 2to Sunday 22

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